Rowers achieve good results at Inverness Head of the River

Rowers achieve good results at Inverness Head of the River

Published on 27 November 2012

Girls' quad racing at Inverness HeadA total of nine wins from 26 entries proved that the recent trip to Inverness had been worthwhile for the GWC rowers.

In the first division, early on the Saturday morning the boys’ J16 quad –James Stevenson, Alasdair Watson, Arseniy Morgunov, and Struan Stewart, coxed by Rebecca Moore (all S4) – finished fourth overall taking the medal for fastest in their category. 

Not to be outdone, the senior girls' coxless quad of Eleanor Marlow, Ellie Brown (both S5), Holly Cook and Katy McDonald (both S4) finished first in their J18 quad in a time of 16:18.

In the second division it was a close race between our J18 coxless quad of Jack Dryden (S5), James Stevenson, Peter Smith and Alasdair Watson (all S4), and the more experienced Clydesdale boat, with GWC finishing third overall just 15 seconds behind the Glaswegians.  Emma Rankin and Robyn Gillies (both S6) raced in a composite four with St. Andrew BC & Castle Semple which won the Women’s J18 category, just two seconds ahead of our J14 boys’ quad of Euan Dickerson, Lev Demyanov, Fergus Mainland (all S2) and Ben Carruthers (S3), coxed by Andrew Sommerville (S2), who claimed the medal for their category. The intermediate girls' quad of Ellie Brown, Holly Cook, Rosie Kerr, Catorina MacKinnon, and cox Julie McDonald (all S2) brought in another good result with a comfortable win in the women's novice quad.

The following day in the third division it was the senior boys‘ double of Hamish Duncan and Jack Dryden (both S5) who finished fastest overall winning their category and the division as a whole. Next came the J16 girls’ double of Holly Cook and Katy McDonald, finishing the fastest of nine boats in their event. Amy Holt (S2) and Rosie Kerr, did a fantastic job of finishing second in the women’s novice doubles where they were against older crews.

Finally, on the Sunday afternoon it was Ellie Brown who took the title of fastest women's J16 sculler in just under 20 minutes, only 11 seconds separating her and Katy McDonald who finished second in the same event.  It was a valiant attempt by our junior rowers Fergus Mainland and Euan Dickerson, filling in for our injured J16 double, who finished fifth out of 12 despite racing crews two years older than themselves.

Thus, the team pulled through generating an impressive array of results, supported throughout the weekend by Calum Macleod (S6), boatman and reserve for the weekend.