Research Possible due to Fiona's Fundraising

Research Possible due to Fiona's Fundraising

Published on 14 January 2013

Fiona Yelland presents cheque to Meningitis UK supporters Rose and Lewis Gowans, with Principal Gareth Edwards looking on.In October 2011, Fiona Yelland (S6) faced a battle with meningitis  and this episode of her life led to some significant fundraising for Meningitis UK.

She set out to raise £1000 and during the last few months of 2012 she ran (with her friends in the Great Edinburgh Run); arranged a fundraising concert Music for Meningitis; and arranged a bake sale.

The main event Music for Meningitis involved Fiona, pupils, former pupils, family members and staff. There were choirs, solos, duets, dances, and bands including a staff band, with lead singer Principal, Mr Gareth Edwards! This event alone raised over £2000.

In total Fiona raised £5539.64, a significant contribution to Meningitis UK, amounting to approximately 10% of what they would typically raise from schools and communities in a year.

Lewis Gowans, visited Watson’s along with his mother, Rose, on behalf of Meningitis UK to receive the cheque from Fiona. The Gowans are long term supporters of the charity having been affected by meningitis, when Lewis’ sister contracted the illness. She also made a full recovery, albeit with impaired hearing.

Lewis told the Senior School assembly, “This donation can pay for 203 hours (five and a half weeks) of ‘cutting edge’ research into a life saving vaccine or pay for four lab computers and one biological microscope for this vital research.” He rounded off his presentation by telling Fiona that she can “rest assured that this gift will be put to great use and hopefully that a life saving vaccine will be discovered soon.”

Principal, Gareth Edwards, said, “Fiona has shown us all that she knows about challenge and she is a great example of our School motto – ex corde caritas, Love from the Heart – in action. She has shown resolution and commitment in the past year and we at Watson’s are very proud of her efforts and the result of them.”

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