Remember, Remember the 5th of November!

Published on 6 November 2007 Categories: Upper Primary,  Junior School

Fireman and pupils using the Fire HoseOn 5 November, Tollcross Fire brigade, Red Watch, visited the children in our Nursery Department. There was great excitement when two fire appliances and a turntable ladder arrived in the Upper Primary playground. Crew Manager Wilson introduced all of the crew to us and then he told all the Nursery children about the safety equipment and clothing that the fire fighters have to wear to protect themselves. He talked about fire safety and warned us all about the dangers of fireworks and bonfires. He advised us to encourage our families to go to organised firework displays and to be extremely careful if we held sparklers.

During the safety talk, two radio messages were received and without delay, with blue lights flashing and sirens wailing, the two appliances sped off to attend fire calls in the city. While the engines were away the remaining firefighters demonstrated what the turntable ladder could do. One of the firefighters put on a safety harness and sat at the head of the ladder. It was then raised approximately 30m into the sky, far above the roof of the Upper Primary. It was a sight to see!

On the return of the appliances we were all asked to assist with the hose reels. The force of the water took us quite by surprise and there were a few wet teachers nearby! The Red Watch gave us each a book called Francis the Firefly which warns about the dangers of playing with matches. For our parents there was a questionnaire about home fire safety and an invitation to have a free home safety check and a smoke detector fitted.

We all had a wonderful time and learned such a lot from the firefighters. The staff and pupils of George Watson's would like to thank to say a huge thank you to the crew of Tollcross Red Watch for coming to visit us and giving of their time so willingly.

It was a morning to Remember!

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