Record-Breaking Schools Swim Meet

Record-Breaking Schools Swim Meet

Published on 21 November 2016

shiledsThis year's Edinburgh and Midlothian Schools Swim meet was another record-breaking event for Watson's teams as they landed 49 medals on the day, beating last year's total by five.

It was a magnificent achievement and all the swimmers on the day should be proud of their efforts: many others in the more than 90-strong team achieved personal bests and finished just outside the medals.



Rachel Saunders (S1) - 50m Butterfly & 50m Backcrawl (U11)
Daniel Saunders (S2) - 100m Breaststroke (12/13)
Finlay Scott (S2) - 200m Freestyle (12/13)
Joshua Aspinall (S2) - 100m Backcrawl (12/13)
Libby Simpson (S3) - 100m Breaststroke (14/15)
Callum Robertson (S4) - 100m & 200m Breaststroke (14/15)
Anna MacKay (S5) - 400m Individual Medley (OPEN)
Kate Carruthers (P6), Lauren Birrell, Keira Locke (P7), Rachel Saunders (S1) - 4x50m Freestyle
Patrick Kneen (P6), Finlay Kenney, Jack Brown, James English (P7) - 4x 50m Freestyle
Kiera Rennie, Lucy Trotter (S1), Katie Sime, Ella Wood (S2) - 4x50m Freestyle
Alasdair Peterson, Daniel Saunders, Joshua Aspinall, Finlay Scott (S2) - 4x50m Freestyle


Jack Brown (P7) - 50m Freestyle (U11)
Jack McGill (S1) - 200m Freestyle (12/13)
Daniel Saunders (S2) - 200m Breaststroke (12/13)
Ella Wood (S2) - 200m Backcrawl (12/13)
Grace Robertson (S2) - 100m Breaststroke (12/13)
Kirsty Peng (S3) - 100m Butterfly (14/15)
Libby Simpson (S3) - 200m Breaststroke (14/15)
Kirsty Peng, Sally Jack, Sarah Fyffe, Libby Simpson (S3) - 4x 50m Freestyle


Jack Brown (P7) - 50m Breaststroke (U11)
Lucy Trotter (S1) - 200m Individual Medley (12/13)
Kiera Rennie (S1) - 100m Freestyle (12/13)
Ella Wood (S2) - 100m Backcrawl (12/13)
Grace Robertson (S2) - 200m Breaststroke (12/13)
Joshua Aspinall (S2) -200m Individual Medley (12/13)
Kirsty Peng (S3) - 200m Individual Medley (14/15)
Sarah Fyffe (S3) - 100m Backcrawl & 200m Freestyle (14/15)
Ellie Douglas (S4) - 200m Breaststroke (14/15)
Lewis Birrell (S4) - 100m Butterfly (14/15)
Thomas Sibson (S5) - 100m & 200m Breaststroke (16-18)
Anna MacKay (S5) - 200m Breaststroke(16-18)