Pupils Win New Merchant Company Award

Pupils Win New Merchant Company Award

Published on 5 June 2007

Front Cover of Quark magazineSixth year pupils, James Dolan, Rishi Ramaesh, Stephen Naismith and Thomas Halliday (all S6) won the first ever Merchant Company Award for Initiative at an event held at the Merchants' Hall last night.

Their submission, based on their development of the Science and Engineering Society, beat The Mary Erskine School’s Peer Mentoring and Stewart's Melville College's Environmental Committee submissions.

The Science and Engineering Society has brought an impressive array of prestigious university scientists into school to talk on a variety of topics, and 'Quark', the science magazine launched earlier this year. Two issues have been published during the session, the first of which was sponsored by The University of Edinburgh.

Gareth Edwards, Principal stated, “All three submissions reflect very favourably on the degree of initiative and enterprise amongst the Merchant Company Schools' students. The challenge for us now is to promote such a spirit of initiative, so that younger pupils are encouraged and feel confident to come up with new and original ideas, which they can develop independently.”