Primary 4 Adventure in Old Edinburgh

Published on 14 June 2011 Categories: Upper Primary,  Junior School

Primary 4 boys reading the Metro on a busAs part of their Old Edinburgh project Primary 4 have been visiting various historic sites across the city, one of these being the Georgian House on Charlotte Square.

The house is preserved in true Georgian style and pupils were given an insight into how their life would have been if they too had lived then. After being greeted at the door the boys and girls were allowed to dress in authentic clothing – mob caps, long skirts and shawls for the girls and waistcoats and cravats for the boys. The boys then greeted the girls in the drawing room and received a curtsy.

The children were split into groups and then began to explore the house, examining all aspects of Georgian life. The visit was of great interest to the pupils and was made more so not only by their unusual attire, but by the journey to and from the house on a Lothian bus. The Metro newspaper proved to be fascinating read to many of the pupils!

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