Primary 3 Summer Musical - Minibeast Madness

Published on 9 December 2006 by Mrs Kate Wilson Categories: Music & Drama,  Lower Primary,  Junior School,  Music,  Drama

Minibeast MadnessTo celebrate the end of their time in the Lower Primary, Primary 3 worked very hard to produce three excellent performances of Minibeast Madness by Debbie Campbell for their parents. The music, singing, dancing and acting was superb. The children were all busy behind the scenes too. Tickets, programmes, posters, scenery and even paper mache snail shells were made by the pupils themselves.

Parent volunteers helped with some of the costumes and the face painting and the results were superb. When the children were on the stage there was an incredible splash of colour and the children were not recognisable as pupils but as minibeasts! All the children in the year group were involved and there is no doubt that they gained a great deal from the production process and the performances.

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