Piping and Drumming Competition

Piping and Drumming Competition

Published on 30 October 2003

With another successful outdoor season for the bands finished, it is now time for our boys and girls to turn their attention to indoor competitions. Our internal solo piping and drumming competition took place on Sunday 2nd of November from 10am until 4pm in the Music School. With over 120 individual performances it proved to be a long but enjoyable day and as in previous years, the prizes were keenly contested.

Well done to all competitiors and congratulations to the prizewinners.

Results were as follows:
Event 1a Chanter
1st Jamie Forbes (S1), 2nd Andrew Timmons (P6), 3rd Murray Baillie (S2)
Event 2a Novice Piping
1st Oliver Tulloch (S1), 2nd Hugh Johnson (P7), 3rd Christopher Macrae (S1)
Event 3a Junior School Champion
1st Duncan Milne (P7), 2nd Allan Mackenzie (P7), 3rd Euan Kerr (P6)
Event 4a 14 & Under
1st Jonathon Simpson (S3), 2nd Euan Jones (S3), 3rd Matthew Taylor (S1)
Event 5a Senior School Champion
1st Jonathon Simpson (S3), 2nd Andrew Ray (S5), 3rd Michael Sammels (S6)
Event 1b Practice Pad
1st Max Johnson (P6), 2nd Michael Janetta (S1), 3rd Murray Winton (S1)
Event 2b Novice Drumming
1st Jonathan Wilson (S1), 2nd Calum Swann (S1), 3rd Calum French (S1)
Event 3b Junior School Champion
1st Jonathan Sheach (P7), 2nd Benjamin (P6)
Event 4b 14 & Under
1st Christopher Taylor (S4), 2nd John Benson (S1) 3rd Nicola Sammels (S3)
Event 5b Senior School Champion
1st Tristano Martone (S6), 2nd Christopher Taylor (S4), 3rd John Benson (S1)

Mr Simpson and Mr O’Neill would like thanks everyone who helped make the day a tremendous success especially the Music Department, Parents and Parent Group, staff, our adjudicators and especially the pupils.