Photographs of the Universe

Published on 27 May 2005 Categories: Senior School,  Extra-Curricular

George Watson’s Pupils Take Photographs of the Universe During the Spring term a group of pupils in S1 to S4 ( The Stargazing Club) were part of the Faulkes Telescope Project. The telescope is situated in Hawaii but can be controlled via a web site from computers in Edinburgh. The project was run by the Royal Observatory and four Scottish schools participated. The Stargazing Club met at lunchtimes to plan the observation sessions. Pupils could chose what objects to photograph, then check on the web site to see if they would be visible during the session. We decided to photograph a planet, galaxies and a nebula. Our first session was cancelled due to cloud cover over Hawaii, but our next session was a complete success, resulting in clear pictures of several galaxies, Saturn and the Owl Nebula. Astronomers from the Royal Observatory helped us with the initial planning but it was the pupils who controlled the movement of the telescope across the sky and decided on the exposure times. The experience heightened the pupils fascination with the night sky and hopefully will be repeated next session.

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