P7 Pupils Celebrate VE Day

P7 Pupils Celebrate VE Day

Published on 28 April 2006

P7 dressed up for VE DayOn Friday 14 November, the pupils and staff of Primary 7 dressed up and celebrated VE Day, to mark the end of their World War 2 topic.

There were servicemen, spivs, evacuees, land army girls and people from other walks of life.

After our march passed - in classes and groups - Mr Edwards and Mr McGougan, all six classes retired to their respective rooms to have an authentic lunch, with spam, egg and jam sandwiches being followed by fairy cakes and flapjack... never have school lunches seemed so appealing!

In the afternoon, community singing was led by Miss McKerchar and Mrs 'Vera Lynn' Barrie.
"Three cheers for Churchill and God save The King."

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P7 pupils dressed as 'proper' ladiesComments from P7L

The outfits everyone wore were really excellent and they were just like people would have worn at a VE day party. Mrs Barrie dressed up as a school teacher, her outfit was really good especially her wig, it was so realistic. It was interesting to see everyone parading around the hall and to see how much effort everyone put into their outfits. Mrs Barrie put up white, red and blue flags and British flags all over the ceiling which looked really good. It was a fantastic day.

The songs we sang were "It's A Long Way To Tipperary" and "There Was Cheese Lots Of Bread And Cheese", and many more!

I think the best game was "Wink, Murder", the one where the detective had to catch the killer. I think that singing all the war songs at the end of it and then throwing our hats in the air was a good way to end it all.

Everybody made an effort to look good especially Josh with the bandages and the wounds. I hope the people who do VE day next year will have as much fun as I did.

Everyone had brought some food, half savoury, half sweet. We had to eat as much savoury stuff before we could move on to the sweet. All the food was war time recipes, the foods included jam tarts, sausages, scotch eggs, pancakes and jelly. We all went to our classrooms to eat.

I enjoyed the VE day party at GWC because of all the outfits, I think it was funny because one of my friends dressed up as a girl.

The food we had was like the food from during the war like spam, jam, ham or lamb sandwiches. I ate a spam one and it was delicious. The singalong at the end was great although the next day I lost my voice for singing so loud!

Teachers dressed-up for VE DayComments from P7M

I really enjoyed the story Mrs Barrie told us because we all got to play a part with other people. I was bagpipes so I had to hold my nose and sort of sing while pumping our arms!

My favourite thing was when Mr Salmond said three cheers for Nana Moon (Mrs Barrie), I also liked doing the parade because everyone took part.

I really liked the singing and when some people were chosen to stand up and be bagpipes, spitfires, guns and more. I also thought it was really good how it's the last day before two classes go to London, it was like saying farewell!

I really enjoyed the singing I could imagine what it would have been like having a party back then. I thought the teachers looked really funny. Mr Smith and Mrs Marshall were dressed really well.

VE day was very fun. It was great to try everyone else's 1940s food. It was also a nice change from wearing our school uniforms all day long.

The funniest bit was when we were singing and Mrs Barrie and Mr Salmond got up and started dancing!

My favourite part of VE day was when I went up to the front with a group of girls and we pretended to be ack-ack guns. It was really fun, and dressing up made it even better, I wish we could do that every year.

Lunch was the best thing because we got to eat wartime food. Dressing up was great fun because we put 1940s clothes on. I also enjoyed parading around the hall. I was an English Spy. My coat was too long and I kept tripping over it when running or going upstairs.

It was like living in the war it was so realistic, it was great fun. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

It was a really fun day and I enjoyed it very much.