Outdoor Adventures

Published on 6 October 2003 Categories: Senior School

Outdoor Adventures coverHer Royal Highness The Princess Royal, Master of the Merchant Company, recently launched Outdoor Adventures, a book detailing the history of Third Year Projects at Watson's.

Staff, pupils and governors were joined by former colleagues and members of the Watsonian Club and the Merchant Company for the launch of the book at the Merchants' Hall. Among those in attendance were the editors of Outdoor Adventures, former Principal Sir Roger Young and former teaching colleague, Liz Smith.

Each year in May since 1962 S3 pupils have taken leave of their classrooms to seek outdoor adventure in the wilds of Britain. After 40 years, before memories are blurred by the mists of time, it seemed worth recording what Projects was all about. In this book pupils and staff tell their stories of what it was like to take part in Projects.

Individual chapters are devoted to the raison-d’être and future of Projects, to the different geographical areas explored, to Projects at George Watson’s Ladies’ College, to the reactions of participating Vice-Conveners, and to the reflections and memories of those who became the school’s best-known Projecteers. With some 100 colour photographs, the book not only tells the story of Projects, but also offers the reasons why so many people feel that Projects must remain an integral part of the Watson’s experience. 

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