Out of this World

Out of this World

Published on 15 June 2011

Cosmonaut, Anatoly Artsebarsky, talking to pupils during his visit to Watson'sOn Tuesday, the Senior School was lucky to play host to Anatoly Artsebarsky, a Russian Cosmonaut. Anatoly who was part of the mission to the International Space Station in May 1991, with Dr Helen Sharman OBE, the first Briton in space and coincidentally the person who officially opened our Technology building.

Anatoly, speaking through a translator, told the pupils all about his mission, telling them stories about how the space shuttle’s docking system broke down, so they had to attach the shuttle to the station manually!

With the help of a piece of video, Anatoly also told the students how he was the first man to ever drink Coca-Cola in space! He showed video footage of the specially designed drinks can being put to use!

One of the main points of Anatoly’s speech was of how quickly things in the space industry are developing. He explained how many more professionals would be needed in the future and suggested that some Watson’s pupils should aim for outer space just like he did!

Anatoly’s presentation was thoroughly enjoyed by teachers and pupils alike and we wish to thank Anatoly for giving up his time to come to Watson's.