Our Seventh Annual MUN Conference

Published on 18 March 2013 Categories: Senior School,  Extra-Curricular

General Assembly of MUN 2013 ConferenceThe seventh annual GWC MUN Conference took place this weekend from Friday 15 March to Sunday 17 March, with over 600 students attending from schools around the country and indeed the world. Some students travelled all the way from Germany and the Netherlands.

After a short welcome in the main hall on Friday, committees were sent off to their separate rooms to vote on topics to debate the following morning. By Saturday morning debates were already underway, covering topics such as Economic Migration, Cultural (in)tolerance and National Demilitarisation and many more. Alongside the delegates were guest speakers, such as Professors Mona Saddiqui and John Peterson of the University of Edinburgh, coming to talk about their fields of expertise to further inform and enlighten delegates on their chosen topics for debate. We were joined by Albert Bogle, moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland talked about his work at the Vine trust.

As a break from all the hard work and intense debate, delegates were encouraged to take part in one of the big events of the conference: the MUN ceilidh and disco. The social aspect of the conference provided a chance for delegates to interact with people from all over the world, from various different cultures, and to meet new students from other committees they did not have a chance to meet beforehand.

Overall, the conference proved to be a huge success, with both delegates and teachers being impressed with the ever-rising standard of accomplishment, participation and organisation of the event, with teams of delegates being commended at the end of the conference for their outstanding contribution during the event. The conference also provided an opportunity for inexperienced and seasoned MUNers alike to say their fond farewells to Mr Robert Crawford, who attended his last MUN conference as director and who will be humbly passing on the gavel to Mrs Elodie Robert-Christensen.

When asked about his long-running involvement in MUN, Mr Crawford’s response was simple: “Why do I do it? Because I believe in it.”

Kristof Papp, S5

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