Our Ninth Model United Nations Conference

Published on 14 March 2016 Categories: Senior School

Disarmament Debate comes to a voteAlmost 500 delegates attended the ninth GWC Model United Nations Conference this weekend, coming from all over the world to engage in contemporary discussions. There were delegates from Iran, Denmark, Germany, France, Ireland, England and Scotland, creating an interesting and engaging debate.

A brilliant dinner came first, then the weekend really started with an introduction to the conference from Director Mrs Christensen and the Deputy Secretary Generals, Steven Wallace and Duncan Armstrong-Martin (both S6). After this stimulating event everyone went to committees and began introductions, with the conference’s new and forward thinking gender pronoun policy put into place by the chairs. There was lively lobbying of resolutions to be debated for the next day and icebreakers, helping everyone to get to know each other.

The next morning a superb Opening Ceremony came from this year’s Keynote Speaker Mr Pan Xinchun, the Consul General for the People's Republic of China. He gave an thought-provoking speech to all the those attending the conference. The two Secretary Generals, Jodie White and Keshav Arvind (both S6), also spoke on the topic of morality. After this the committees began to debate resolutions. Topics varied from organ donation to the refugee crisis to civilian militants, with everyone well-prepared and engaged. There were also guest speakers in attendance, including General Legai, Director of the European Union Satellite Centre, who spoke to the disarmament committee on the use of satellite imagery by EU member states.

In the evening the ceilidh and disco gave everyone the opportunity to socialise in a more relaxed environment, with friendships being formed. It was definitely an excellent addition to the weekend and a fun change from debating serious issues.

The Sunday saw one more resolution debated by each committee and then the emergency debate, focusing around the 2017 Security Council elections and the possibility of bribery to fix the result. This meant delegates had to debate a topic in General Assembly that they had only learned of the day before.

Throughout the weekend two newspapers, the MUN and The Scotsmun, were produced by GWC, keeping the delegates up to date with all the news and gossip of the weekend.

Overall this year’s conference was a great success, seeing all sorts of key and important topics debated across a wide range of committees. It was a fun weekend and a brilliant opportunity for all those involved.

Kirsten Edmonstone (S6)

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