Open Letter to Andy Wightman MSP

Open Letter to Andy Wightman MSP

Published on 24 November 2017

We have been asked to publish this letter within the public domain as the School sees fit. 



Dear Mr Wightman

Following your Open Letter to Parents of Pupils at George Watson’s College (GWC) dated 20 November 2017, we, as parents and friends of GWC feel compelled to respond to your letter to ensure our voice is heard.

You state in your letter that your motives in saying what you did were to alert parents and prospective parents that inadequate safeguards were in place at George Watson’s College in order to protect and uphold the human rights of pupils.

It is not for us to comment upon the case of an individual child. However, we can share with you, and any prospective parents, our own experience as parents and the experience of our children. First and foremost, we are incredibly proud of the school, the pupils and fully supportive of GWC Principal, Mr Roffe, and his first class teaching and support staff. The School Charter underpins the culture of the school and creates the Watson’s family that shapes all those who are part of it, both as pupils and those within the local community. These values are evident from the behaviours and actions displayed day to day for all to see.

Of course, no school, whether state or independent, is without its challenges. Any person that hasn’t felt targeted during their school or adult life is probably in the minority. We are humans after all. We, as parents, have a responsibility to work with our school and not against, to ensure any concerns are dealt with in an inclusive and supportive manner and most importantly, to ensure the happiness and safeguarding of our children is at the heart of the matter. The infrastructure and support offered by the school, should any challenge arise, is effective and reassuring. From our experience and that of our children, any allegations that GWC should be held out as having a problem with bullying is unfounded.

It is understood that you have been invited to the school to discuss the matter but you deny this is the case. As parents, we extend this invitation to you and we would encourage you to speak to our children about their positive experience as a member of the Watson’s family. It would also give you the opportunity to experience the world class Support for Learning department the GWC pupils have access to.

ex corde caritas

Parents and Friends of George Watson’s College