Musical Talents Benefit Disadvantaged Youngsters

Musical Talents Benefit Disadvantaged Youngsters

Published on 7 December 2009

Fairbridge posterOur Chamber Choir and Baroque Orchestra will be performing in a Christmas concert in aid of Fairbridge, a charity which works with disadvantaged youngsters at St Andrew’s & St George’s Church on George Street tomorrow (Tuesday 8 December) at 6.30pm.

Of working with Fairbridge, Gareth Edwards, Principal, said, “It is a privilege for us to be asked to be part of the inaugural Fairbridge Christmas concert. The more I have learned about Fairbridge the more I can see how vital and how effective its work is in the City I can only commend the superb and dedicated work that they do.

“Watson’s has a long history in Edinburgh as a school for the children of the city; and we recognise that we have a duty to uphold the principles of our founder, George Watson, who established a hospital or boarding house nearly 300 years ago for ‘the sons of decayed merchants’ – that is the children of people who had fallen on hard times, children whose destitution would otherwise have meant that their talents would not be fulfilled.

“Nowadays, our pupils are, in the vast majority of cases, blessed with stable and financially secure backgrounds which means that there is all the more reason for the pupils to look beyond their own immediate horizons, not just as part of their own development but to see how they can share what they have, for the good of others and for this nation of Scotland.”