More Choice for S5 & S6 Announced

More Choice for S5 & S6 Announced

Published on 12 February 2009

Wood carving detail of knightWatson's is to introduce the International Baccalaureate (IB) as an alternative option to SQA qualifications for S5 and S6 pupils. This decision follows an extensive 18 month consultation process which highlighted strong commitment towards the IB from staff, pupils and parents alike.

The School continues to value and support SQA qualifications, and indeed we will continue to offer what in Scotland is probably an unrivalled choice of Advanced Highers.

We will introduce the IB in August 2011, which means that the current S2 year group will be the first to have access to either this alternative curriculum or further SQA examinations.

Throughout its history Watson’s has always looked at ways to enhance the breadth of opportunities for our young people. We have a tradition for being forward-thinking and, I believe, there is no better placed Scottish school than Watson's to run IB alongside traditional SQA qualifications.

The IB has many strengths educationally, including its emphasis upon developing pupils’ critical thinking – that is how they learn, as well as what they learn.

The Community Service aspect of IB also aligns with our commitment to working in the community to provide a further enriching experience when it comes to pupils developing a sense of responsibility and leadership.