Model Behaviour

Published on 28 November 2006 Categories: Upper Primary,  Junior School

We often receive excellent reports about the behaviour of our pupils when out of school on trips. However, our Primary 7 trips to London have resulted in the School receiving a Tower Certificate of Merit from the Tower of London.

The letter accompanying the certificate informed us that the Yeoman Warder who nominated them had found the group he took around the Tower to be 'polite and well-behaved, interested in finding out about the Tower and asked excellent questions.'

As the letter said, 'The Tower has many visits from schoolchildren from all over the world. Some are good, most are tolerable, rarely are they exceptional and commended by Yeoman Warders or Jewel House and White Tower Wardens. It is very pleasing to be able to write and give credit and praise when it is indeed due. Please do visit us again'.

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