Mock Parliament

Published on 18 June 2004 Categories: Former Pupils

MSP for Ayr, Watson's former pupil John Scott, was one of several MSPs to congratulate Matthew MacPherson and Louise Cullum (both S4) on their achievements in the National Youth Parliament Competition's Holyrood Model.

Accompanied by Head of the History and Modern Studies Department, Mr Longmore, Louise and Matthew heard part of the debate of Anti-Social Behaviour (the topic of their own mock debate) and then heard First Minister's Questions.

Afterwards, First Minister Jack McConnell and Presiding Officer George Reid presented the awards. Matthew was judged the best First Minister and Louise was commended for speaking passionately and engagingly on the issues associated with the Youth Crime and Justice (Scotland) Bill 2004.

There followed a lunch reception in the Parliament Committee Rooms attended by the winners and a number of MSP's.

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