Message from the Principal - exam results 2011: updated with A and AS Level

Published on 26 August 2011 Categories: Senior School

The Senior School BuildingThe publication of SQA and A/AS/GCSE Results is an opportunity to endorse how successful Session 2010/11 has been. I congratulate pupils on their performances in these examinations and the achievements they have realised through their hard work and dedication. Watson's is proud to provide life-chances for all its young people at whatever academic level or aspiration. All pupils will have had their individual targets and they can feel highly satisfied with what they have accomplished.

As in previous years, there has been outstanding success at all levels – Advanced Higher, A Level, Higher, AS Level, Intermediate 2, Intermediate 1, Standard Grade and GCSE. I am particularly pleased that our open presentation policy has produced, once again, an overall pass rate in S5 Highers of 92.6% which is almost identical with last year's 92.7%, which was the highest for the past five years, and that this year 54.7% of entries were at A grade, pre-appeal - again almost identical with last year's 54.6%

This year has seen similar success in respect of pupils achieving 5 or more A passes. Of the 230 candidates taking SQA Highers in S5, 47 (20.4%) gained 5 or more passes at A Grade (when AS Art results were included).

Advanced Higher continues to strengthen as a popular choice amongst S6 students and the percentage of A grades – 52.2% – up from 51.4% last year – is outstanding and indeed is our best result ever. The A Level results included high numbers of the new, and academically very challenging, A* grades.

These results are not achieved without considerable hard work and commitment on the pupils' part. The School's dedicated and professional staff has played a vital role too, as of course have parents with their encouragement and support through what can be anxious weeks in the Summer Term.

Well done to everyone involved!

Summary of – pre-appeal – Examination Results 2011

SQA figures are percentages of presentations

S4 Standard Grade

Grade 1: 62.5
Grade 2: 21.6
Grade 3: 13.4

Grades 1 & 2: 84.1
Grades 1 - 3: 97.5

S4 Intermediate 2

Grade A: 72.7
Grade B: 16.9
Grade C: 7.4

Grades A & B: 89.6
Grades A – C: 97.0

S5 Highers

Grade A: 54.7
Grade B: 24.3
Grade C: 13.6

Grades A & B: 79.0
Grades A – C: 92.6

S6 Highers

Grade A: 23.0
Grade B: 32.7
Grade C: 27.0

Grades A & B: 55.7
Grades A – C: 82.7

S6 Advanced Higher

Grade A: 52.2
Grade B: 25.8
Grade C: 11.6

Grades A & B: 78.0
Grades A – C: 89.6

A Level Art

Presentations = 11
Grade A*: 4
Grade A: 4
Grades B: 2
Grades C: 1

AS Level Art

Presentations = 44
Grade A: 19
Grade B:  18
Grades C: 5
Grades D: 2


Presentations = 57
Grade A*: 7
Grade A: 19
Grades B: 23
Grades C: 7
Grade D: 0             Grade E: 1

A Level Music

Presentations = 5
Grade A: 3
Grades B: 1
Grade C: 1

AS Level Music

Presentations = 3
Grade A: 3

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