Meningitis Awareness

Published on 16 March 2004 Categories: Senior School

As most members of S6 will tell you, it was very difficult not to be touched and inspired by Olivia Giles’ speech about her courageous battle against meningitis. So, when the chance came to raise money and awareness for the disease, not to mention meeting a few celebrities, we were all quick to volunteer.

In the middle of November, the 16 volunteers took part in a press conference designed to promote Olivia’s Leap for Meningitis Ball on 28 February. We then each set about raising money for our part in the sponsored Strip The Willow, which took place from 12 noon to 12 midnight on the day of the ball.

When the day came, we danced our 20 minute slot in the afternoon before our duties began in the evening. Dressed in evening gear, our main priority for the night was to squeeze as much money as possible from the party-goers towards the fund. In the end, we managed to raise around £800 for the Trust, through sponsorship and the selling of left-over refreshments, not to mention discovering a capacity to be well and truly star-struck. We all wish Olivia the very best of luck with her next fundraising activity.

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