Meigle Camp

Meigle Camp

Published on 7 May 2009

Fun at Meigle“The clans are all gathered at Meigle again
We’ve assembled the best of our brave heilan’ men
Wi’ bonnets on heids and targes in hand
You’ve got to agree, we’re a mean looking band!”

These are the words of one of the verses of the MacSporran Clan song which aptly describes the assembling last week of the Primary 6 year group at Belmont Camp, Meigle! Grouped in clans with a mixture of all five classes, the boys and girls experience a memorable week of “living history”. Having spent several weeks in class, learning about the Jacobite rebellions and their importance in our Scottish heritage, the pupils are immersed in ‘hands on’ active learning about this fascinating period of history away from school.

Each day, there were activities organised to make connection with the Jacobites. They designed and made a clan badge and standard; built the grandest and most sophisticated clan shelters; cooked porridge to feed the clan; sang songs; listened to Mr MacDonell playing his pipes; visited the beautiful Glamis Castle; visited Culloden , where the children had the chance to see first hand where the last battle fought on British soil took place; and took part in the Highland Games night, when the clans once more competed for the championship and the legendary Wide Game.

This amazing week culminated in the clan ceilidh where the children dressed up in their tartan and entertained each other in true ceilidh fashion with traditional Scottish songs, the pipes and drums and the chance to dance the Scottish dances learned in school. A great time was had by all!

Paramount in all of this, is also the making of new friendships and the growing of independence – a week to remember!