Lynsey Sharp Judges our Pupils’ Culinary Talents

Published on 16 January 2015 Categories: Senior School

Two pupils being filmed during the house cooking competitionOur House Cooking Competition this year took a different slant as Commonwealth Games Silver medallist and STV's Sports Personality of the Year 2014, Lynsey Sharp, challenged our senior pupils to cook a two course BIG dinner fit for an athlete – with a budget of only £7 per meal. This was arranged in conjunction with Charity 500 milesBig Dinner initiative, which aims to raise £500,000 by hosting a BIG dinner on 7 March 2015.

The House teams were filmed during the competition just before Christmas and cooked up some delicious – and very healthy – meals, and the video will be used to publicise the charity event to encourage younger people to get involved.

Lynsey may be a winner on the track, but she found it very hard to choose a winner. As she says: "I am used to running and I find that easy - but judging other people's talents is quite difficult.">

Jacqueline Chalmers, Head of the Health and Food Technology Department ,stressed the importance of Health and Food Technology at the School. “It is a big deal at George Watson's College.  She said, "We feel it's important that our pupils have a sound knowledge of nutrition and that all pupils leave Watson’s with a basic knowledge of how to cook for themselves."

The Menus (and the winners)

Lauriston (joint winner) – Homemade Pesto pasta with chicken and side salad / Blueberry & Lemon Millefeuille

Melville Ogilvie (joint winner) – Hot Smoked Salmon with Chunky Corn, Mango & Avocado Salad / Gluten Free Chicken & Tomato Pasta Bake

Cockburn Greyfriars – Smoked Salmon Paté with Oatcakes / Chicken Lasagne

Preston Falconhall – Pasta with Tomato and Hidden Vegetable Sauce / Fruit Salad

Read about and register for the BIG dinner


The Big Dinner’s Promotional Video

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