Love from the Heart of S2 and S4

Love from the Heart of S2 and S4

Published on 30 June 2016

In the Summer Term, after they returned from exam leave, our four S4 classes spent time learning about inequalities in Edinburgh.

As part of this, they researched and compared various areas of the city, welcomed a visiting speaker from Edinburgh NE Food Bank and participated in the £5 Challenge: each pupil put £5 to the cause and was tasked with making that money grow. Some washed cars while others baked and made cards to sell. The idea was then to use that money to do a 'supermarket sweep'-style shop, using the foodbank's shopping list.

S4 did something very similar last year but this time we had the added bonus of having additional fundraising from Mrs Malloy's S2 Religious Moral and Philosophical Studies class who were also part of the challenge, linking it in with some work they had just completed about selfless acts. They set about raising money outwith School, purchased their own food and were part of a collective bake, card and craft sale.

Together they raised over £900 and filled two mini-buses full of food that was delivered to the food bank in Leith at the end of term.

'Ex corde caritas' - love from the heart.