Law Lord Lunch

Law Lord Lunch

Published on 13 November 2017

On Thursday 9 November a number of pupils were given the opportunity to dine with Lord Douglas Cullen, a former senior member of the Scottish judiciary, who served as Lord President of the Court of Session and Lord of Appeal in the House of Lords.

Alongside Lord Cullen, many lawyers were invited to allow pupils to understand more about the legal profession. Important questions concerning the studying of law at university and further careers in law gave us a valuable overview of the paths available to us after School.

Following the delicious meal, Lord Cullen gave us an insightful presentation about his path from childhood to becoming a member of the House of Lords. Through the Scottish judiciary to the Court of Session, each detail of his journey was a key indicator of his hard work, dedication and talent. Personally, as with many at the lunch, I saw this as an inspiration to study law due to the value of the degree and possibilities it opens up. The floor then opened up to questions, a few of which concerning the skills required to reach the top of the legal profession as Lord Cullen did. Other questions mentioned any regrets of his career; Lord Cullen responded with a keen interest in physics which he never pursued.

Overall, the lunch was a very interesting and enlightening experience for all involved.

Ben Marshall (S6)