Lady Susan Rice at Business Breakfast

Published on 4 April 2011 Categories: Senior School

Lady Susan Rice addressing the Business Breakfast 2011We were delighted to welcome Lady Susan Rice, Managing Director, Lloyds Banking Group Scotland to talk to this year’s Business Breakfast.

A Chartered Banker, she was previously Chairman and Chief Executive of Lloyds TSB Scotland, the first woman to head a UK clearing bank. During the breakfast she gave a very honest and inspiring speech on her "journey" through her business life, and some of the surprising turns that her career had taken.

The format of this annual event enables pupils and business guests to ask questions of the guest speaker and Susan was impressed with the questions, and very open in her answers. She spoke of entrepreneurial behaviour, of being the lone woman in some business situations, of her involvement in the arts, and of integrity.

The time passed very quickly and before the assembled guests knew it, the bell rang, summoning pupils and teachers to their first class of the day. However, they had already learned some important lessons.

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