Joan Lingard Visits P6

Joan Lingard Visits P6

Published on 4 December 2008

Three booksJoan Lingard visited our School on 27 November. She showed us three of her books and read a chapter or two.

The first book she showed us was The Eleventh Orphan. It is about Mr and Mrs Bigsby of the 'Pig and Whistle' who have 10 children to look after. The constable brings them another orphan from the streets to look after. They reluctantly take her in but there was something mysterious about Elfie and Mrs Bigsby wants to know more.

The second book she read to us was Natasha's Will. Now this story had a family searching for Natasha's Will. But the will can only be found through a trail of literary clues.

The last book Joan read to us was The File of Fraulein Berg. It is about a little Irish girl who goes to school during World War II. After the summer holidays a new teacher arrives, a German lady called Fraulein Berg. The girls and her friends decide she must be a spy and the story centres round their determination to prove it.

I enjoyed Joan Lingard coming to our School and I hope another author will come soon to visit.

Natalie (P6)