Highlighting the Main Rights of the Child

Highlighting the Main Rights of the Child

Published on 2 November 2015

Pupil-made SHANARRI WheelThe SHANARRI wheel highlights eight of the main rights of the child. The child or young person (under the age of 18) and their family are at the centre of this very important wheel.  The Scottish Government introduced this wheel.

S – Safe: protected from abuse, neglect or harm
H – Healthy: experiencing the best possible physical and mental health
A – Achieving: receiving support and guidance in learning - growing in confidence and self-esteem
N – Nurtured: having a nurtured and stimulating place to live and grow
A – Active: having the chance to take part in a wide range of activities
R – Respect: to be given a voice
R – Responsible: Being involved in schools and communities
I – Included; receiving guidance to overcome social, educational, physical and economic inequalities

We have been learning about SHANARRI in assemblies and in class. Our Dining Hall and Playground Charters are designed around the SHANARRI Wheel.

Ellie Paterson (Primary 6)

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