Final Preparations Underway for Sixth MUN Conference

Published on 22 March 2012 Categories: Senior School,  Extra-Curricular

Model UN logoThis weekend the sixth annual George Watson’s College Model UN Conference will take place. This year spaces filled up quickly and a total of almost 580 delegates from throughout the United Kingdom and Europe will be at Watson’s participating in a weekend of debate, diplomacy, and lobbying.

Representatives from schools in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Norway, Egypt, and Turkey will join nearly 100 pupils from George Watson’s College, who will be acting as secretaries, delegates and chairs of the 13 Committees.

The first session of the Security Council is to be held in a Committee room of the Scottish Parliament.

The following is a selection of the topics that will be debated by the committees over the weekend:
Floods, Hurricanes & Tsunamis: Nature’s revenge?
‘Calm down dears!’: Will women ever bridge the pay gap?
Live and Let Buy: Should we donate or sell organs?
Jog on, tubby!  The obesity epidemic: who is to blame?
The Truth Hurts: Is Torture ever Justifiable?
# Revolution: Social networks and regime change.
Hacktivism: Civil Disobedience or simply Criminal? or Is the internet the route to anarchy or to real democracy?
Don’t Stop Believing!:  National Security

On the final day the delegates will ‘react’ to an international ‘crisis’ put before them.

Adding to the conference’s debates will be the guest speakers: Professor Jan Aart Scholte, Professorial Research Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation at University of Warwick; Professor Alistair Lawrence, Head of Animal & Veterinary Sciences Research Group at the Scottish Agricultural College; Dr Leisha Nolen of the Human Genetics Unit at the Medical Research Council;  Ms. Elspeth McGregor of Amnesty International; Keith Aitken, an award-winning journalist, and an author, broadcaster and podcaster, with more than 15 years’ service on The Scotsman in senior editorial roles and Dr Jan Bialy, who holds a PhD from Edinburgh University in engineering and anthropology, and specifically the transfer of technology to developing countries.

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