Examination Result Update – Post A Level and GCSE Results

Published on 27 August 2014 Categories: Senior School

Senior Schoo buildingWhen compared to SQA examinations we have relatively few presentations at A / AS / GCSE levels, and we are delighted with these results which are comparable with previous those in years.

Our pupils’ A* and A results in GCSE Art means that in total 55 pupils in last year’s S4 (23.3% of the year group) achieved eight or more As in their Intermediate 2 / National 5 / GCSE exams.

In an update of the report of our pupils’ performance in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, I am delighted to announce that the average points score for our 17 candidates was 36.0 (compared with 35.6 for our first cohort).

Further analysis of the SQA results has highlighted an unprecedented success for our Music Department. Of the 47 pupils presented at Intermediate 2, Higher and Advanced Higher the following results were achieved. All 28 Intermediate 2 pupils and all six Advanced Higher pupils gained A grades, while at Higher the results were 12 A grades and 1 B. This is a magnificent set of SQA results by any comparison.

A Level Art & Design

Presentations = 19
Grade A*: 0
Grade A: 5
Grade B: 8
Grade C: 6

AS Level Art & Design

Presentations = 19
Grade A: 2
Grade B: 8
Grade C: 6
Grade D: 3

GCSE Art & Design

Presentations = 80
Grade A*: 3
Grade A: 22
Grade B: 44
Grade C: 10
Grade D: 1

A Level Music
Presentations = 2
Grade B: 2

AS Level Music

Presentations = 2
Grade B: 1
Grade C: 1



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