European Intelligence

European Intelligence

Published on 22 February 2018

The School was honoured to receive a return visit from General Pascal Legai, Director of the EU Satellite Centre in Madrid, who had first visited for the 2016 MUN (Model United Nations) Conference.

General Legai met a number of pupils during his visit. He explained some of the secrets of satellite intelligence to P7, talked to S1 pupils about the designs for their high speed cars, and introduced S2 pupils to ideas about space technology. 

He had lunch with senior pupils interested in international relations and discussed with them how intelligence gathering helps the EU and its Member States to respond to crisis situations. He also reflected on how recent political events have affected their ability to make effective responses to those situations. Asked where he thought the next crisis would emerge, he confidently predicted that Africa would become of even greater significance in world affairs in the coming years. General Legai gave many illustrated examples of the work of the EU SatCen in recent situations, notably Syria, Libya and the migration crisis, literally giving pupils another fascinating perspective on issues in the news.

The School is very grateful to General Legai for finding the time to visit George Watson's College once again.