Classroom Becomes Film Set

Published on 11 June 2004 Categories: Upper Primary,  Junior School,  Former Pupils

Pupils cast for Baldy McBainOne of the short films to be premiered at this year’s Edinburgh Film Festival was filmed here at Watson’s, in Mr MacLaren’s English classroom.

'Baldy MacBain', written by Marc Pye and directed by Colm McCarthy, was produced by Watson’s FP, Zack Copping. Several of our Upper Primary pupils were lucky enough to be selected at audition to play film extras. Fiona Perriss (P4), Caitlin French and Madeleine Hind (both P5), Natalie Binnie (P6) and Craig Donoghue (P7M) will all appear in the film.

P4M had an exciting afternoon when the crew returned to school to make a special audio recording...of the whole class pretending to scratch at head lice!

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