Classic Champion

Classic Champion

Published on 7 June 2011

Hamish and Alice, our Cicero winnersOn 26 March an intrepid crew of S6 pupils sacrificed their Saturday. Their mission: the Cicero Challenge, hosted in Scotland by George Heriot’s School.

This worldwide competition has grown from strength to strength with over 600 students competing in 20 centres around the world, making friends and communicating in various languages – including Latin.

It might seem ironic that a combination of ancient cultures and modern-day technology is facilitating new friendships. Video-conferencing enables pupils from Australia, France (including Martinique in the Caribbean), Italy, Spain, Andorra, Tunisia and the UK to share in Latin translation challenges and cultural tests (based this year on legend Jason and the Argonauts).

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, donated prizes for the fifth consecutive year and the results were announced in May. To their enormous credit, Alice Williamson was the UK champion in the cultural section (and missed being international champion by only half a mark), and Hamish White was third from the whole of the UK for the sixth year translation. summa cum laude – an excellent achievement!

In their steps follow our S2 Latin champions; Lily Davidson, Sophie Miller and Kiran Sandhu, who were runners up in the junior Latin play section in the Glasgow University reading competition. They enacted most convincingly the theft of a toga from an ancient Pompeian changing room! In the same competition, Hamish White won the senior verse speaking and was placed third in the Greek prose section.