Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce

Published on 20 September 2004

GalleonAs part of their preparation for life beyond school, the sixth years have recently undertaken professional Interview and Presentation Skills training with the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce.

The full day of training took place at the Chamber’s offices in Melville Street, and its basic aim was to introduce our young people to the knowledge and skills required for applications and interviews. As well as formal assessment from the trainers, self and peer assessment were also important in helping the participants to identify their skills base. The programme was deliberately challenging, but despite a few nerves feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Colin Boxer, one of the Chamber representatives involved in the training, said: “The school is very forward thinking in helping the students to develop the personal presentation skills that will be so important to them as they progress through their studies and on into their careers. Many of these young people will go on to become the heart of Edinburgh's business community, so we feel it entirely appropriate that the Chamber of Commerce is involved. We welcome the opportunity to raise their awareness of current interview techniques and processes, and improve their chances of getting what they want in life.”

This is an annual fixture for S6, and we hope that our rewarding relationship with the Chamber will continue to benefit our pupils for years to come.