Book Week

Book Week

Published on 6 November 2006

Three girls reading the same bookBook Week in the Junior School got off to a flying start with a visit from storyteller Bruno Barton, who travelled up from Birmingham to speak to the pupils of P7. As well as being a storyteller, Bruno is also a public speaker, speech writer and debater, and all of his skills were put to great use. During the three sessions that Bruno took, he told stories full of mystery, fantasy and imagination. The pupils' attention was captivated and it was amazing how much detail and description Bruno included in his stories. Bruno's lateral thinking exercises were a great way to generate ideas and the children responded with enthusiasm and imagination. They were certainly developing amazing storylines!

On Wednesday, the much loved author, Debi Gliori, visited P2 and read many of her story books. She explained to the children where she got the ideas for her books and explained what fun it was to paint the pictures to go along side the text. The children all agreed that she had an amazing talent to be both author and illustrator!

On Thursday, we welcomed Julie Hegarty, author of Michelle in Crabbit Comes to Stay, to the Lower Primary. Julie gave a magnificent presentation of her book to the Preschool Nursery children and P1. It was imaginative, full of fun, and the children enjoyed participating in the interactive activities and quiz. The wonderful props and costumes earned much laughter from the audience, and the rock pool and character puppets brought the story to life.

The grand finale came on Friday with our biannual Book Fair run by 'The Travelling Book Company'. The colourful book stands and wide range of books on sale ensured that the day was a great success.