Bollywood meets Scotland for LEPRA

Bollywood meets Scotland for LEPRA

Published on 9 June 2014

Pupils taking part in dancing outsideThis morning, when the sun was shining brightly before the downpours, our whole Junior School, from Nursery to Primary 7 took to the Grandstand Pitch to participate in a fun fitness workout Bollywood Meets Scotland to raise money for this term’s chosen Junior School charity, LEPRA.

During the final term of each session, we involve ourselves in working with an international charity that endeavours to support people living under difficult circumstances. LEPRA provides support in the treatment, education and rehabilitation of people affected by some of the world’s oldest and most neglected diseases often associated with poverty.

Earlier this term Ros Kerry, who works with the charity, came into School to explain to all the children in various assemblies tailored to the audience age group, about the charity’s work and how the children’s participation in today’s fitness workout would help the charity.

The children added ‘Bollywood style’ accompaniments to their uniform so that they would be as colourful as possible, and colourful they were. Brightly coloured waistcoats, bright tshirts, coloured scarves and skirts, ensured that the pitch was awash with colour.

We all hope that LEPRA will raise a good amount of money from all the children’s efforts.