Arkwright Scholars Make Mark

Published on 1 June 2004 Categories: Senior School

The Technology Department was delighted to receive the news that three of its S4 pupils, Jenna Gaff, Alistair Chappelle and Chris Filipiak, have just been awarded the prestigious Arkwright Scholarship, bringing the total number of Watson’s winners to the highest of any school in the UK.

Since the Arkwright Scholarship was introduced in 1991, 23 pupils from George Watson’s College have secured the award. Watson’s wins date back to the award’s inception, when former pupil, Robert Stanforth, was one of the first pupils in the UK to receive the Scholarship.

The award rewards flair and originality in solving Engineering Design problems. By supporting scholars in their Highers/A-Level years, Arkwright aims to encourage the best of the nation’s young engineering talent into industry. The scholarships are sponsored by key industry players, and this year’s winners will be formally presented with their awards at The Institution of Electrical Engineers in London.

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