All Adds Up to a Great Performance

All Adds Up to a Great Performance

Published on 18 February 2008

GalleonThe Team Maths Challenge has come to Scotland for the first time, and this week our team won their heat and will go on to the National Final in London on 23 June.

The team of Gavin Waite, Ashwini Arvind (both S2) and Caitlin Stark and Emma Rankin (both S1), entered the Glasgow round of the competition as the Edinburgh one was during the Easter holidays.

In total, 56 schools competed, doing four different rounds – Group Competition (answering questions together); Crossnumber (like a crossword but with numbers!); Head to Head (finding a pattern in a list of numbers – against another team); and Relay (running to get questions, answering them in pairs and running to get another question!).

The results:


1st George Watson's College
2nd Dollar Academy
3rd George Heriot's School

Congratulations and good luck next month in London.