Adventure in South Africa

Published on 15 February 2004 Categories: Senior School

Morna Hill (S6) is looking forward to an eventful summer, as she prepares for a trip to the Lalibela Game Reserve in South Africa. Morna hopes to study Veterinary Medicine after leaving school, and working at Lalibela will give her incredible hands-on experience of treating wild animals.

Morna secured this opportunity by applying to the African Conservation Experience, and she is one of eight volunteers heading for the Reserve in August. She will spend time at the wildlife rehabilitation centre, as well as taking part in anti-poaching patrols.

Morna is one of many pupils who are keen to broaden their horizons before continuing with future study. Each year, a number of our leavers take advantage of the wonderful opportunities provided by the Hamilton Scholarship, the Wynberg Exchange, the Murray Award for students studying languages abroad, and the Sanson Award and Watsonian travel grants, which support individuals undertaking projects and expeditions overseas.

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