A Successful GWC@EdMUN Conference

A Successful GWC@EdMUN Conference

Published on 11 April 2018

This year was the first ever GWC@EdMUN Conference, a conference for high schoolers co-hosted by GWC and EdMUN, the University of Edinburgh MUN society.

As everyone gathered together for the opening ceremony it was clear that this conference had been eagerly anticipated by delegates and chairs alike. Following the speeches and welcomes made by the two Secretaries-General and the TachMUN officer, the conference was officially declared open and everyone broke away into their committees to start debate on their two topics for the weekend. Although the rules of procedure were new to the majority of people, all delegates embraced the new format and had extremely productive and lively debates on topics ranging from creating a convention against proxy wars to the issues of non-communicable diseases and religion versus science in society. With Saturday evening came time for the formal dinner and ceilidh, with delegates and chairs sitting together in committees, and everyone enjoying the meal. The ceilidh was a sight a sight to behold with many of the Italian delegates attending the conference in turning up in kilts!

After an enjoyable evening, everyone returned to more debates on Sunday, with debate flowing freely on truly important international issues. Overall, everyone had a great time, leading to some creative solutions to the very real problems the international community is facing.

We hope to see everyone back next year, after such a great conference.

Julia Ocytko S6