'70/30 Day'

Published on 19 April 2005 Categories: Senior School

On Tuesday 19 April, Watson's held a a '70/30 Day'. The day began with Assembly, taken by the Peace & Justice Society and highlighted the theme that 70% of the world population lives in poverty. In response to this fact, the group turned the tables on the school by advantaging 30% of pupils and staff and discriminating against the other 70% as a means of demonstrating to them how it feels to be unfairly disadvantaged. On a school-wide basis, the advantaged were, amongst other things, allowed into lunch early, to leave school early at the end of the day and were served chips - a popular privilege reserved normally only for Thursdays. Staff were encouraged to advantage and disadvantage throughout the day as they saw fit, allowing privileges and imposing penalties in as arbitrary a way as they could contrive - to mimic the random and indiscriminate nature of world poverty. Staff themselves were not exempt from being disadvantaged and were charged for Staffroom tea and coffee, more for snacks at Break and asked to refrain from having lunch for the first 20 minutes of the Lunch Break. On the money-raising side, a Video Bring and Buy Sale took place at Break and Lunchtime, as did a Fair Trade Homebaking Stall - the proceeds of both going to support the Christine Witcutt Centre for handicapped children in Sarajevo, Bosnia. All in all this was a very busy day for Peace & Justice Society members, and we trust, one which successfully focused Watson's attention on the INJUSTICE in today's world.

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