When we say LIVE we mean LIVE!

On Saturday 3 October 2020, quite an operation will be taking place here at George Watson’s College - as we go LIVE! 

Our Digital Open Morning is a completely new offering, created to provide families with a real opportunity to get to know our school, at a time when being here in person just isn’t possible. 

We so enjoy meeting new families, that we wanted to create something really special for our own unique take on this year’s event. 

We’re seeing several sessions now fully booked, or close to being so. 

How is it working? 

Our events will all take place live on Zoom, starting with the main welcome from our Principal Melvyn Roffe, Admissions Registrar Jenny McGill and School Captains Calum and Masie. They will broadcast live from our stunning Music School Auditorium. This session (only) will be shown on our Facebook page.

Then we’ve got 12 different events, taking place up to half a dozen times, through until lunchtime. Each will come live from a different location on our single-site campus.

Teachers and pupils (where relevant) will deliver lots of different events, so there’s sure to be variety. We’ll be avoiding too much reliance on PowerPoint, and we’ll try and keep bullet points to an absolute minimum (indeed if we can have none, more the better). 

As the sessions are all live, families will be able to ask questions, too, either putting them directly to us or popping questions into the session ‘chat’ function. 

What are the highlights?

Music - LIVE! will be fantastic. As the name suggests we’ll bring you amazing live music from some incredibly talented young people. We’ll also show you some highlights of other performances you would find at Watson’s if things were more normal. Get ready for toe-tapping. 

Meet the School Captains will feature Callum and Masie, this year’s pupil leaders. You can ask absolutely anything. We think they’ll have one or two surprises along the way, too. 

A Day in the Life of the Upper Primary will be hosted by our Head of Junior School George Salmond. He’ll be coming to you live from the new John Martin Building alongside some of our pupils who will tell you about life at our school.  Of course, you can ask the questions, too! 

The World Beyond Watson’s will give you a real flavour of the opportunities beyond the classroom that we encourage pupils to grasp. So much learning and experience goes on away from our Colinton Road campus, we think you should know about it! 

There’s so much more planned, though, so do check out our registration section for a full itinerary, and pick the events that are relevant to your family.

Don’t delay - book today! 

If you are still thinking of joining us for Digital Open Morning, please do not delay. 

Slots are being taken quickly, and some are already fully booked. 

If we can build in additional capacity, we will, but as you’ve read each event is designed to be interactive so families can ask questions of participating teachers or pupils, so any increase in capacity will be limited. 

Our LIVE Digital Open Morning takes place on Saturday 3 October - click here to choose your events and register for the day.

Can we visit the school?  

If you register to join us for our Digital Open Morning, we’ll be in touch in due course to offer you the opportunity to book a tour of our school, in line with Scottish Government guidelines. 

We are being extremely cautious about visitors to campus, simply because we must protect pupils and staff. 

We are working on a plan to enable you to visit us, so make sure you are registered in order that we come to you when we can. 

When’s the application deadline?

The application deadline for 2021/22 is Friday 13 November. You might find this animation helpful to understand how our admissions process works.