So, why Watson's?

Today we’ve launched our new pupil recruitment campaign for session 2021/22 - and with it, our new blog, Why Watson’s?

Making the decision to send your child to an independent school is a huge one; it could well be the start of a 14-year journey if the first step is Preschool.

It is also an enormous investment for any family to make. 

Over the coming weeks, we won’t just focus on our school in this blog -  albeit there will be plenty about life in maroon - but we will also examine the independent school sector as a whole. 

We’ll give you good advice, offer some helpful hints and tips, and even answer your questions. For many of you reading this, it will be the start of looking, listening and learning about what is on offer before your family makes a very important decision. 

So, George Watson’s College. Why? 

It’s often said that independent schools in Edinburgh are very similar.

It’s not true. 

That doesn’t mean one school is bad and another, good. It means that each school has a personality, its own values, and with it varying approaches. 

At the last count, 28 percent of children in Edinburgh attend one of the city’s excellent independent schools. Few cities in the UK can offer such a broad mix of good opportunities. 

At Watson’s, there’s a very specific culture. We talk about the fact that we give our pupils ‘the freedom to discover who they really are,’ but what does that mean? 

Here are seven things we do to encourage that freedom and what it really means:  

  • Your child will be challenged academically; we’ll help them follow their dreams, and enable them to understand how they learn best
  • They’ll be taught by inspiring, inventive teachers whose imaginative approaches help deliver amazing results  
  • We’ll encourage your child to be the best they can be, to be confident and ambitious - but they’ll always be kind of thought and action. Freedom comes with responsibility. 
  • Our pupils are encouraged to deepen their experience at Watson’s by travelling to far-flung lands. We’re very much about facing the front, looking out into the world, learning about other cultures.
  • We have more than 150 extra-curricular activities at our school, but it’s not extra-curricular for extra-curricular sake. Our enrichment programme is part of broadening the mind as well as finding things to love and grow confidence.
  • Listening is a huge part of life at Watson’s. Not just to teachers, but to each other. We always learn better when we hear other voices and take time to think. Everyone in our school is respected; it’s a challenge we have to rise to every single day.
  • We don’t fear failure; we embrace it, learn from it, and are stronger because of it. Everything we do is about encouraging and supporting your child to find an amazing path.

A former Principal once told a group of Senior 6 pupils who were leaving at the end of their time at Watson’s that, “Those who say that school days are the best of your life have to be wrong. Your best days should always be ahead of you.”

Watson’s is an amazing place where our pupils have the freedom to grow, learn, perform and succeed, to discover who they really are. When we know who we really are, we may then know where we’re going.