How does a Digital Open Morning work?

The world isn’t the same right now, so things have to be done a little differently. 

That includes our approach to welcoming families to our community here at George Watson’s College. 

In October, we normally host an Open Morning where we invite prospective families to visit our single-site campus to learn more about life in maroon. 

It is a key point in our school’s annual calendar, as we head towards the application deadline in mid-November (it’s 13 November, this year). 

Our Digital Open Morning will be one of the most ambitious events of its sort, this year. 

Let us take you through the plans for Digital Open Morning, and how it will all work…

So how does it work? 

Well, we’re using Zoom. Everything will be live, and as interactive as possible. 

At 9.30am our Principal Melvyn Roffe will host our welcome event (20 minutes) alongside our 2020/21  School Captains, and Admissions Registrar Jenny McGill. 

Thereafter there’s plenty of choice for everyone. We’ve created 12 interactive events that will run throughout the morning (up to six times each) at regular intervals from 9.55am until 12.45pm.  

Each event will be different, but with a real focus on engaging with children and parents. To do that we’ve limited the capacity of each event to 20 registrations. 

Booking your place(s)  

When you go through our registration form, as well as some of the usual information you would expect us to seek at this stage, you will select which events (in addition to the main welcome) you would like to attend. Do be careful - you can’t be in two places at once!

After you complete the registration (and please only submit once - it takes just a moment to process) you will receive a confirmation email and an attached letter from Jenny. It will include links and passcodes to each event (starting with the main welcome). Please don’t share this information; it’s personal to your family’s registration. 

We also understand that things may change and so you might want to change your itinerary. Subject to availability you can do that, by using the unique link you will receive in your email. 

On the day itself, you should have your itinerary to hand. This includes the links and passcodes you will need to ‘attend’ events. 

If you have any problems then drop a note to our helpful admissions team via Please include your registration ID (which can be found on the email and the letter) so we can assist you. 

On the day - practical things

With the exception of the main welcome event, your microphone will generally default to active so you can engage with families, our colleagues, and pupils. Enabling your webcam will also help everyone see each other. 

Each event will last 20 minutes after which there will be a five-minute gap, so you may go to your itinerary and find the next event link. 

As we said, the sessions are all being held via Zoom. It is important to know that you do not need a Zoom account, nor the Zoom app (desktop, tablet or mobile). There is a web version available via your browser. You will need the link and (probably) the passcode as Zoom is changing some of their key security settings in September. 

The events we have created are based on the feedback we receive from parents in terms of the questions they ask when thinking about our school. It is clearly going to be difficult to answer every question you may have on the day, though. 

Tours, soon 

For that reason, we will be offering individual tours of the school. We’re working on what that plan looks like at the moment. Anything we do has to be based on the guidance from the Scottish Government, as well as the overall experience (and safety) of our current pupils. 

Everyone who registers for Digital Open Morning will, in due course, receive an invitation to select a tour slot, at which point we will be delighted to welcome you to our campus for real. 

Of course, if you have any questions our admissions team are on hand to help. Drop them an email to and they will come back to you as soon as possible. 

Our Digital Open Morning takes place on Saturday 3 October, click here to register.

The application deadline for 2021/22 is Friday 13 November.