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If you missed our Digital Open Morning on Saturday 3 October, there's good news - you can now register for-demand access!

We're also delighted to launch tours of our school. You may book yours, here.

One of the UK's most successful schools, George Watson’s College in Edinburgh, provides a world-class education from Preschool, Junior School, through to Senior 6 on a single campus on the south side of the city. 

At Watson’s, we tell our pupils that, ‘whoever you are and wherever you are going, at our school you have freedom to discover who you really are’.

And that means a freedom to succeed because we combine academic excellence with the enrichment that comes from one of the broadest extra-curricular programmes you will find at any school in Scotland.

We all live our values, underpinned by a very clear focus on what Our Future looks like at Watson’s. 

Of course, we understand that choosing a school for your child is a huge decision. As such, our Admissions team is here to help throughout the year (including during school holidays).

To help, we’ve created a short animation which explains how our Admissions process works.

Use the key links below to get in touch or to book a tour of the school. You will also find our detailed FAQs and comprehensive information on fees and financial assistance. If you’re ready to apply, you can start the process (it’s very straightforward), too! 

For the first time, we have also launched our Why Watson’s portal where we will publish a range of features answering some of the key questions we know families ask us in real detail.

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Why Watson's?

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