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WatsoniansLinked - Health and Wellbeing

WatsoniansLinked - Health and Wellbeing

Woody Morris (Kathleen Wood, Class of 1989) is a health and wellbeing advocate, whose enthusiasm for good food, fitness and mental health is infectious. She says, "80% of our immunity and 90% of our serotonin (happy hormone) is actually made in our guts.. so happy gut = happy person. Studies have discovered the more you smile and laugh, and remain positive with a sunny outlook, can help in healing your body."  

Woody is delighted to share some of her favourite clean eating recipes with us.  Enjoy!  And, please do contribute your own recipes via watsonians@gwc.org.uk

Clean chocolate fudge recipe:

3 tbsp coconut oil

2 tbsp desiccated coconut

2 scoops chocolate protein powder

1 dessert spoon almond butter

2 dessert spoons cacao powder

3 dessert spoons frozen blueberries.

Spread out in dish, freeze, then break up and enjoy!

More recipes to follow soon.