No Limits. A Fundraising Campaign for George Watson's College
Supporting Watson's

Supporting Watson's

Our mission is to create a place to learn where talent and ambition come first.
Where you come from doesn’t matter.
Where you are going means everything.
An education where there really are...

No Limits. Ever.

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George Watson wanted all children - no matter their backgrounds or financial circumstance - to enjoy the benefit of an education, which in his day was only available to those more fortunate.  His legacy gift in 1741 - and the generosity of our many donors since then - have enabled quite literally thousands of bright, young individuals to realise their full potential.

Philanthropy is no less important today in enabling the school to provide Foundation Places and other financial assistance than it was over three hundred years ago. Funding that ensures that everyone who could benefit from a Watson’s education has the opportunity to do so.

Please consider making a donation today. You can read more about supporting Watson’s and the impact your donation could make by following the relevant links. If you would like to speak  to someone directly about supporting the school, then please contact the Development Office.