Project 810

Project 810 logoA living memorial of the past and a live pledge to the future

At least 810 Watsonians lost their lives in the wars of the 20th century. Project 810 seeks to honour their sacrifice by ensuring that our school community does all it can to address causes of conflict in the world and make our planet a better place for everyone to live. 

We believe that education has a crucial role in ensuring that future generations can live fulfilled lives in peace and prosperity. We also believe that everyone has the capacity to make a positive difference to the world and that therefore we all have a responsibility to try to do so. 

Project 810 builds on our commitment as a Rights Respecting School and on our many other long-standing and successful programmes to encourage, nurture and support pupil activity, agency and leadership in three interrelated areas:

Action for Fairer Communities

Many members of our school community enjoy opportunities and privileges far greater than are generally available, even in a wealthy country such as Scotland. We believe we have a particular imperative to work to make our society, and others across the world, fairer places to live. 

Action for Environmental Sustainability

We understand that the reckless exploitation of natural resources is an increasing source of international conflict and that climate change is a real danger to our planet. We will work to limit the damage that we are currently causing to our environment and help ensure that we can all live lives that are sustainable in the long term.

Action for Global Understanding

We recognise that even in an ever more interconnected world, it can be difficult to understand the point of view of people from different regions, countries, cultures, races and religions.  We will to work to enhance understanding between people of all backgrounds with the objective of helping to reverse the growth of prejudice, animosity, fear and violence. 

Project 810 is about harnessing the effort, commitment and imagination of our whole school community. It brings together the great variety of activities that the school already undertakes to see how those activities can be extended, made to complement each other and have greater impact. It gives our pupils, and others we work with, a depth of understanding of the problems, new skills to address them and greater confidence to know that, individually and collectively, they can make that positive difference in the world.