On Demand Events

On Demand Events

Welcome to our 'on demand' stream.  Here you will find links to recordings of past events that you may have been unable to attend.  

October 2020


Event:          Twilight Talk
Speaker:     Claire Urquhart and Marjorie Lotfi Gill of Open Book
Date:            Tuesday 27th October
Format:       Webinar

The first Twilight Talk of the Session was a truly inspiring and fascinating webinar with guest speakers Claire Urquhart & Marjorie Lofti Gill, Co-founders of 'Open Book'.  Claire and Marjorie speak thoughtfully on the 'who', the 'what' the 'where' and the 'why' of Open Book which they founded in 2013 as well as introducing us to some beautiful and thought provoking poetry throughout.

Please click the link below to access the on demand recording and enter the passcode: M$W8Yjh= 

Twilight Talk with Open Book on demand recording 

You can find out more about Open Book on their website.

November 2020


Event:       Building Resilience to Thive                                          
Speaker:  Emma Bell
Date:         Tuesday 3rd November
Format:    Webinar

Emma Bell has spent the past 3 years travelling over 35,000 miles around the world to interview some of the world's most resilient people to understand the key strategies we can all apply to thrive. In this webinar, Emma will share the key practices for building a resilient mindset, together with some of the stories of those 'Thrivers' who have shared their insights.

Please click the link below to access the on demand recording and enter the passcode: U?Dcj1Hm

Emma Bell Building Resilience to Thrive on demand recording 



Event:        Watson's Against Racism
Date:          Tuesday 17th November 
Speaker:   George Watson's staff
Format:     Webinar


In June, the Principal made an important statement about the School's commitment to combating racism. Since then various individuals and groups in the School have been addressing aspects of our heritage and current practice and developing ways in which the voices of current pupils and Watsonians of colour can be heard. Our online event is an opportunity for those working in this area to report back and compare notes and for pupils, parents and members of the wider Watsonian community to hear what has been done and to contribute to the discussion.

Please click the link below to view the on demand recording:

Watson's Against Racism On Demand 


December 2020


Event:         How to Build Resilient Relationships
Speaker:    Emma Bell
Date:           Wednesday 2nd December 
Format:      Webinar

Emma Bell has spent the past 20 years coaching, mediating and facilitating conflict in the workplace. Emma has found there are 3 key steps to building rapport, making an impact and seeking to influence in relationships. By the end of the webinar you will understand how difficult dynamics are formed and how to improve them, what to do to influence effectively and the 3 communication skills required when things get difficult.


Please click the link below to access the on demand recording and enter the passcode:  YnU%YD3T 

Emma Bell How to Build Resilient Relationships on demand recording



Event:   A Watson's Christmas
Date:     Wednesday 16th December


Whilst we were unable to hold our traditional events held at St Giles' Cathedral, at Polwarth Church or our Assembly Hall,  we hope to bring some Christmas cheer to your home with our online Christmas music event.  If you were unable to join us for 'A Watson's Christmas', we hope you can enjoy the event on demand.  The event included live Christmas readings from our Principal and pupils as well as recordings of some of our past Christmas concerts, a Christmas sing along and a very special festive surprise.  

Please click the link below to access the on demand recording and enter the passcode: @#R9y#8v

A Watson's Christmas on demand recording


January 2021


Event:        Self care to thrive
Speaker:   Emma Bell
Date:          Tuesday 12th January 
Format:     Webinar

During this webinar you will discover why New Year Resolutions relating to self-care usually fail and what to do differently to succeed. We will focus on the physical, emotional and mental self-care habits that are key to thriving - so by the end of the webinar, that you can commit to ritualising habits that stick!


Please click the link below to access the on demand recording and enter the passcode: 4+L2Z@vQ

Self Care to Thrive webinar with Emma Bell


February 2021


Event:          How to Thrive on Purpose
Speaker:     Emma Bell
Date:            Wednesday 17th February
Format:      Webinar


This webinar examines what is purpose and why is it critical if you want to thrive in life?

We will answer that question during this webinar and look at the 5 key steps to discovering and implementing purpose in your life and at work.

Please click the link below to access the on demand recording.

How to Thrive on Purpose webinar with Emma Bell


March 2021


Event:        Twilight Talk: A Career in International & Human Rights Law
Speaker:   Sukai Miller
Date:          Tuesday 9th March
Format:     Webinar


We were delighted to welcome Sukai Miller, class of 1998, to our Twilight Talks. Sukai joined us from Strasbourg to discuss her career, starting with her time at Watson's, through the motivations/background that have shaped her decisions along the way, and what she has gained from her experiences.

Sukai will talked to us about her fascinating background in International Human Rights Law, including her experiences in the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) working on cases brought against the UK; and her current role as Legal Advisor within the Directorate General of Administration of the Council of Europe, the parent body to the ECtHR. She also touched on the possible impacts of Brexit on Human Rights in the UK.

To access the recording please use the link below and use the passcode: ?s2it+9m

Twilight Talk with Sukai Miller, Tuesday 9th March 2021



Event:        Building Confidence to Thrive
Speaker:   Emma Bell
Date:          Tuesday 15th March 
Format:    Webinar


Our final part in this six part series on 'Resilience'.   During this session Emma will discover the key components of confidence and how to leverage each to develop that elusive quality, whatever life throws at you. You’ll leave with practical strategies to apply immediately so you have the confidence to thrive.

To access the recording please use the link below and use the passcode: ^F0+B6r7

Building Confidence to Thrive with Emma Bell

There are handouts and additional documents to utilise during this webinar, to access these, please use the link below:

Additional handouts for Building Confidence to Thrive


Event:         George Watson and his Contexts
Speaker:    Invited guest speakers, pupils and staff of George Watson's College
Date:           Tuesday 30th March
Format:     Webinar


This symposium examines the historical legacy of George Watson whose financial legacy, left on his death in 1723 to the stewardship of the Merchant Company of Edinburgh, made possible the foundation of George Watson’s Hospital in 1742.

It is now clear that Watson was involved in financing at least one ship which he intended should participate in the transatlantic trade in enslaved African people. This fact, along with other aspects of his business practices, raise urgent and important questions about the veneration that George Watson’s memory has traditionally received.

We will aim to understand the historical facts that are now apparent in the context of the Edinburgh of Watson’s day, of Scotland’s involvement in the slave trade and of the slave trade generally. We will ask what George Watson’s legacy means to us today and how we should acknowledge it now and in the future.

Speakers/contributors to include:

  • Sir Geoff Palmer, Professor Emeritus in the School of Life Sciences, Heriott-Watt University and human rights activist
  • Dr Melanie Newton, Associate Professor of History, University of Toronto
  • Dr Hugh Ouston,  Author of George Watson’s entry in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography  
  • Mr Bobby Chaudhry, Head of History at George Watson’s College 
  • Mr Tom Bennett, Archive Officer at George Watson’s College 
  • Pupils of George Watson’s College


  • Mr Melvyn Roffe, Principal of George Watson’s College 


To access the on demand recording please use the link below:

George Watson and his Contexts, Tuesday 30th March 2021

April 2021


Event:        Bi-annual Parents Meeting with Governors
Speaker:   Principal's Leadership Team and Chairs of the Governing Council
Date:          Thursday 22nd April 2021
Format:     Webinar

An opportunity to hear updates from the Principal and the Principal's Leadership Team through presentations given on the operation of the school through the Spring Term and looking forward to the Summer term and beyond; and an overview of the School's finances in the run-up to the process of approving the budget and school fees for next year.

To access the on demand recording, please click the link below:

Bi-annual Parents Meeting with Governors, Thursday 22nd April 2021