Community and partnerships are at the heart of George Watson’s College.  We believe partnership is good for everyone, that everyone has the capacity to make a difference and we all have a responsibility to do so. 

Our Global stream is a place to bring people and communities together to promote our charities, partnerships and Project 810. 


GWC Upcycling Club and Watson's Malawi Partnership 

Our team of S1-S6 pupils give up their lunchtimes to restore and upcycle a variety of items and give them a new life. At the end of each month we update the Parents' Digest and the D.T.E Upcycling Club website with new items for auction. All profits are donated to the Watson's Malawi Partnership

We've put together this short video to showcase some of the fantastic projects that the team have been working on so far.  Keep an eye on the upcycling webpage and on GWC Plus for more exciting projects and get in touch if you would like to make a purchase.

Upcycling Club 2020 video


TEDx Youth Global Countdown with pupils from George Watson's College

Date:    Wednesday 25th November 2020

On Wednesday 25th November 2020,  pupils from five different schools; King’s College School Wimbledon, Benenden School, Chipping Campden School, George Watson’s College, Edinburgh and Richard Taylor CE Primary School Harrogate, presented alongside leading scientists and TED Countdown talks.

These pupils have been studying the MIT Sloan Climate Interactive En-ROADS simulator and many of them included talks about their work on this, along with a special presentation from project leader,  Andrew Jones.  The pupils talked about their school's climate action and their research work.  The quality and inspiration of their presentations was phenomenal. 

The event is concluded by HRH The Duke of Cambridge, who has recently launched the 'Earthshot goals'.  TEDx Youth Global Countdown now aims to establish a climate award to support and encourage education, action and innovation which are in line with this launch. 

To watch the TEDx Youth Global Countdown please click the link below:

TEDx Youth Global Countdown




Event:         The Legacy of George Watson
Speaker:    Invited guest speakers, pupils and staff of George Watson's College
Date:           Tuesday 30th March
Time:          6pm - 7.30pm
Format:     Webinar




This symposium will examine the historical legacy of George Watson whose financial legacy, left on his death in 1723 to the stewardship of the Merchant Company of Edinburgh, made possible the foundation of George Watson’s Hospital in 1742.

It is now clear that Watson was involved in financing at least one ship which he intended should participate in the transatlantic trade in enslaved African people. This fact, along with other aspects of his business practices, raise urgent and important questions about the veneration that George Watson’s memory has traditionally received.

We will aim to understand the historical facts that are now apparent in the context of the Edinburgh of Watson’s day, of Scotland’s involvement in the slave trade and of the slave trade generally. We will ask what George Watson’s legacy means to us today and how we should acknowledge it now and in the future.

Speakers/contributors to include:

  • Sir Geoff Palmer, Professor Emeritus in the School of Life Sciences, Heriott-Watt University and human rights activist
  • Dr Melanie Newton, Associate Professor of History, University of Toronto
  • Dr Hugh Ouston,  Author of George Watson’s entry in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography  
  • Mr Bobby Chaudhry, Head of History at George Watson’s College 
  • Mr Tom Bennett, Archive Officer at George Watson’s College 
  • Pupils of George Watson’s College


  • Mr Melvyn Roffe, Principal of George Watson’s College 

To register for this event, please use the link below:

The Legacy of George Watson, Tuesday 30th March